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Together to Save a Life: A Peach's Grill Benefit for Phil Kumbusky

"In 2024 Phil Kumbusky was diagnosed with a rare genetic Alpha 1 Anti-Tryspin deficiency. AAT is a condition in which the body does not produce enough protective proteins to protect the lungs and liver. This leads to genetic COPD and cirrhosis of the liver. Phil entered end stage liver disease two years ago and has been fighting hepatopulmonary syndrome. These two conditions and to exacerbate each other leading to the deterioration of the lungs and liver together. the need for a liver and lung transplant is essential. Phill and his wife Rhonda have been working with The Ohio State University and now The Cleveland Clinic to obtain a liver and lung transplant in the near future. The financial support to get the transplant, treatment and travel assistance is the goal." - PR

Peach's Grill is proud to be the location sponsor of this benefit & demonstration by our supportive community. Join the fight as we raise money to help make this possible! Saturday, January 13th @ 12pm

STAGE LINE UP 12:30pm Transliminal 2:00pm Rob Heiliger 3:30pm That's What She Said 5:00pm Pinehouse 6:30pm Jeannie Ulrich and the Devil's Backbone 8:00pm The Dandy Boys with Sharon Lane 9:30pm Dr. Meat There will be so many way to show your support, but the biggest way is to just attend and help us band together to save a life! • Guest Bartenders • Cake Walk • Silent Raffle • Raffle baskets!

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